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Hey fellow traders! got telegram? If so feel free to join the chat room i just created so we can keep up to date and share useful info with one another, just a small thing I think we could all benefit from! English language used preferably :) invite: t.me/RiisenHQ come say hello! $GOLD $BTC $UK100 <a href="/markets/nsdq100" class="e-link">$NSDQ100</a> <a href="/markets/spx500" class="e-link">$SPX500</a> ... Show More
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$XRP do we get a turn?! 😤💩🧱 $BTC $ETHEREUM ... Show More
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$XRP Discussion: Nothing new, the Bitcoin dragged all top coins down the hill. The first step is to dissociate from the bitcoin influence. Up to now, positive news concerning real world usage of XRP didnt acheive this mentioned step. What is your opinion? ... Show More
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$BTC which other coins do people here hold? Currently on ada, steem, tron and xlm. Looking mostly for staking/passive income coins but would consider potential explosions too Hit me up TJ ... Show More
Rami AbouJaoude
Rami AbouJaoude @ramiaboujaoude2
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So why am I bearish on bitcoin? The price of bitcoin is based on pure speculation that $BTC will achieve mass adoption, if this doesn't happen, there is actually no real use for it. and for that to happen it has to at least provide something that currencies and current money transfer systems don't. And this is not the case. I find using the current payment providers much more efficient than holding bitcoin in my wallet. It&#x27;s much more cheaper to pay using you visa card for example. Plus, The networks that Visa and Mastercard use process, in aggregate, “more than 5,000 transactions per second with capacity to process volumes multiple times that number. Bitcoin in contrast takes 10 minutes to clear and settle a single transaction vs. Ethereum that takes 15 seconds.” Some might argue that bitcoin will replace gold as a store of value, however this is very unlikely given the volatility we&#x27;ve witnessed in the past years. If you&#x27;d put your savings in bitcoin in 2017, you&#x27;d be left with less than half of your saving today. You don&#x27;t see that with gold. You might have a different view, but that&#x27;s what I think, in the end btc has no intrinsic value and is not a viable investment for me. <a href="/markets/ethereum" class="e-link">$ETHEREUM</a> <a href="/markets/miota" class="e-link">$MIOTA</a> <a href="/markets/xrp" class="e-link">$XRP</a> <a href="/markets/etc" class="e-link">$ETC</a> ... Show More