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@deleguaggio closed a $EUR/AUD sell position
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Ho appena chiuso la posizione con un profitto del 13.67% ... Show More
@deleguaggio Bought $AUD/JPY @82.31
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Utilizzando il 13.84% del mio patrimonio con una leva X100 . ... Show More
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@sally3480 Hello my copiers, please do not open the existing trades in my portfolio, I know this is stupid but when you copy me , some users have all the existing positions open at current market price and that is not good at all. Please if you have them open, I highly recommend you to close them and wait for my next new trades. ... Show More
David Periscal Garcia @dpriscal
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@deleguaggio Some concepts you should understand before investing (please, learn by yourself about them): Diversification, The Relationship Between Risk & Returns, Consistency, Money management, Compound Interest, Drawdown...By the way, do you know who is the investor with the least Drawdown into etoro? ;-) ... Show More