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$GBPUSD lucky who got that short from 1.42xx. 600+ pips on the way. GL. ... Show More
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@jameshoganfca if you don't mind me asking, what leverage do you use? It seems like you're using x50, I think. Thanks ... Show More
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Hi @jameshoganfca , hi @goodgoing. I have a question regarding the SL. I opened some GBPUSD positions, having SL 1.4158 the lowest. Do you think that it will survive the night without having a constant look at them? I would like to change my investigation needed in trading as I won´t have the whole day time to have an eye on them. As I am still a beginner I don´t know yet about the ranges that should have been setted to survive, as I said, the 1h - 1d chart. Any suggestions/recommendations? I know that if I am using X1, X2 only that this will be covered, but how about using X100 - X200.. Thank you for your feedback. ... Show More
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$GOLD trade war begins. Tonight US time China will fight back and announce tarriff hike on US products. Any impact on $USDOLLAR ? ... Show More
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$GBPUSD This pair made me work today! Lost heavy this morning, but managed to claw everything back with a little profit! Thank god!! Weekly target hit, so no more trading for me until next week! ... Show More

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