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Annie Charalambous
Annie Charalambous @AnnieToro
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Some crypto-related FAQs answered: ✅ Do we hold real coins or CFDs? Manually-opened BUY trades opened on or after September 3rd 2017 are "real" (i.e. you own the underlying token). Older BUY trades, as well as *all* SELL trades and copied trades - whether via CopyTrader or CopyFunds are CFDs. ✅ Can we move our crypto / is there a wallet? You cannot move your crypto, nor deposit in or withdraw using cryptocurrencies but a wallet is in development and more info on what it'll be able to do for you should be shared sometime this Q but this is subject to change. ✅ Do you have plans to add more cryptocurrencies? Always. The when and what remain to be seen - when we have more info to share, we will do so but until then, please hang in there. You're excited, you want to get in now, but we have a responsibility to ensure we can add new markets that can be adequately supported and this takes time. If you could share this to keep our market walls free of repetitive questions and populated with relevant content, I'd appreciate it! ... Show More
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$BTC My crystal ball shown me that it will drop to 7.5/8k after reaching 10k, then back to 9k then slowly to 7k level again and then drop to 5k before recovering. ... Show More
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$BTC We’re approaching 10k on Coinmarketcap. Currently 9980. ... Show More
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$BTC $ETHEREUM $DASH $LTC $ETC $XRP $BCH $XLM It's always good to laugh from time to time! :))) ... Show More

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