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Hi Everyone, I’ve been trading mostly currencies, commodities and indices for over 10 years, in the uncertain world of financial markets I tend to trade for certain high probability opportunities, regardless how much equity or leverage being used, the risk of each position will normally be limited no more than 5% of overall account balance, I may open a few positions for the same product, apart from that I believe the profit curve will speak for itself. ... Show More
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@Fortysomething closed a $OIL sell position
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I just closed the trade at a profit of 10.29% ... Show More
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Oil is on the final leg up before crashing down. ... Show More
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$GOLD long oder short? was meint ihr? ... Show More
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$USDOLLAR heading south after fomc. This is to make dollar cheaper so us can sell their product and to ensure foreigner buy overprice us stock. Humble suggestion to release 50% of your asset allocation and move it to safe heaven asset like gold. ... Show More
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$USDJPY is going to hit 102!! There isn't any data which can push the USD up again ... Weaks economy, inflation numbers. Look at USD trend ... It's a bearish one! Look at Yin, look at this dude ... Japanese bank couldn't decline it's strengh while USD still suffering from weakness. I'm not surprised that there is people say "but bottom!!" or "BUY BUY BUY" oh come on this isn't a gambling ... Give us your data, give us yours proofs -_- Just remember me when this pair hit 102 Good luck ... Show More

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