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-1.94% December 2022
7.05% November 2022
1.39% October 2022
-10.14% September 2022
-1.46% August 2022
7.41% July 2022
-4.90% June 2022
1.39% May 2022
-6.13% April 2022
3.50% March 2022
-3.73% February 2022
-3.01% January 2022
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Zheng Bin
Hi all, Decided to do an FAQ for those who are new here: ________________________________ 1) When is the best time to start copying? No best time, just start and don't think about it. I don't believe in market timing so there isn't a great time to copy my portfolio. ________________________________ 2)... Show More
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I am 🧠 a member of Mensa (IQ >98% percentile), 🏦 3 years in investment banking 💹 >10 years of trading experience. 🎓 Masters Degree in Finance, Bachelors Accounting, A Diploma in Banking & Finance. 📜CISI Level 3 & 4 ⚠️⚠️ And NONE OF IT MATTERS.⚠️⚠️ 🟩What i am trying to do on eToro🟩: The problem plaguing finance is trust but I trade like how I would my life savings. I trade Global Macro ideas according to research and ideas https://linktr.ee/fundmanagerzech (YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn) ________________ 📈 Target Returns: None. If i see something good I buy it 🛑 CSL: 30% (suggested) if i ever get there its a problem 💸 Max loss on 1 Thesis: 10% of account 💵 Suggested Copy Amount: $500 or as long as serious ⏱️ Min copy time: 6 months Most people cannot differentiate between cyclical traders in the correct cycle and long sustainable trading. I am willing to engage smart, intelligent and thoughtful people to understand why I do what I do. But it is not for everyone.
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