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Jonathan Flower @Jonflower
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@Gtpercival Hello! Thank you for choosing to copy me. I have recently setup a website to help my copiers and followers understand the strategy and what I want to achieve in 2018. I recommend copying for at least a month, in case the markets are temporarily moving against us. I am confident that we can achieve a good return over the next 12 months, primarily off the back of a strong US economy. I wish every one of my copiers and followers a successful year ahead. All the best, Jon. <a href="http://etoro.tw/2D5pt3C" class="e-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">etoro.tw/2D5pt3C</a> ... Show More
@Gtpercival Bought $BTC @11648.79
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Euan Luca McPherson @euanmaca
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The last couple of weeks have not been smooth I have always been 100% open with my trading in this community. I want to give a completely realistic and fair representation of what it's actually like to be a trader - No sweeping losing trades under the carpet like they don't happen. I got caught on the wrong side of big moves a few weeks ago, and it set me back. But I shared every experience along the way with the Daily Alerts subscribers and we traded through with discipline. It turned out to be a huge learning experience for everyone. Thanks to the discipline we showed trading the last few weeks, I just had the best 48 hour profit of my life. $12,000 in profits on trades I sent out EXACTLY to the everyone on the alerts list, taking me flying back to all-time account highs! Congratulations to everyone else in the group who hit record account highs this morning! (Comment below if you want to get on the list) Losing periods happen, it's about how you deal with them that counts. I have now left the wonderful island of Bali, where these beautiful rice paddies are, to fly to Kuala Lumpur for a few days. It's been a great place to trade from over the last couple of weeks, but I love seeing new places and proving you really can trade from ANYWHERE! <a href="/markets/btc" class="e-link">$BTC</a> <a href="/markets/gbpusd" class="e-link">$GBPUSD</a> <a href="/markets/xrp" class="e-link">$XRP</a> <a href="/markets/eurusd" class="e-link">$EURUSD</a> <a href="/markets/oil" class="e-link">$OIL</a> <a href="/markets/gold" class="e-link">$GOLD</a> ... Show More

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