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$BTC What happens if no stop loss is set and the value drops below? $XRP $ETHEREUM $DASH $EOS ... Show More
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$BTC $BCH $LTC $ADA $ETC $XRP $XLM $NEO $DASH $ETHEREUM $EOS My expectation was 100% correct, closing below 6500 in daily candle, will lead to 5800 price, if not hold enough, then it will test 5700 area which mean, breaking below it lead to free fall... hope no, but we need to accept the truth. That not mean it the end, it just mean the recovery time could take more longer. what i'm care about is the AltCoins which will be in a very bad situation, and it look like a cleaning for the Crypto market, as expectations said more than 90% of AltCoins going to be Scammed. Wish you all the best ... Show More
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$BTC $LTC $XRP $ADA $XLM $DASH $BCH $ETC $ETHEREUM I'm in red as fuck.. Hodl and the hope that we get new ath in 2, 3 years is the only opportunity :D ... Show More
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If you’re a peddler of “buy when there’s blood in the streets” memes, I am pleased to officially advise you that there is currently a whole load of blood in the streets. $BTC $ETHEREUM $XRP $XLM ... Show More
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$BTC $XRP $ETHEREUM $ETC $XLM $EOS $BCH ..... C'est quand que les gens comprendront que les bonnes ou mauvaises nouvelles (multinationales, banques,...) n'ont aucune incidence sur les cours. Marre de voir encore des posts de ce genre. ... Show More

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