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Equity research analyst at a large bank covering European Tech Opportunities. In order to avoid potential conflicts of interest, I only invest in American companies and macro-related assets such as Commodities and FX. Opinions are my own and do not reflect any investment proposal. ... Show More
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$BTC $ETC $ETHEREUM $XRP $DASH $LTC One hour ago everyone was certain that this is the end, now they talk about how interesting and promising year we'll have ... Show More
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$BTC sorry to post, but whales are playing with you guys, they want to create the positive feeling again, but the reality is that there are no more fools in the market. Bitcoin is a market where bots paly each other. ... Show More
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$XRP Well guys... I'm at -70% coz all my trades were bought at an average rate of 2.2(one of the trades was bought @ 3 to be precise and that rate is faaaar to reach) and I acquired 2022 xrp units in total....now I'm thinking to close all the trades and buy again with remaining 30% with whatever amount I get, at the current rate of .74... I'll get 1800 xrp units ... but at much lower rate... any advice ? ... Show More
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$XRP Are people forgetting this was 19 cents in November? ... Show More
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$ETC $BTC $ETHEREUM $ETC This is how pump and dump groups work in chat groups: etoro.tw/2DPhgAQ ... Show More

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