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Read entirely this introduction before copying me please: If trades are in red, mine are too, sometimes patience is helpful. Thank you. On average, after a month of copy, you should see that your capital is not anymore used to invest, keep in mind that this is the average it may require more time depending on the market and on the quality of my decision. I do not open many positions, I try to get good positions, so maybe you see no new positions in days. Normally I keep positions between 3 to 15 days in best cases. About the average holding on statistics, I have stock positions opened since 2013. I don't know how much should you invest if you copy me, I just know that a copy of $700 makes 100% in net profit between June - October 2015. Copy Stop Loss at 75% minimum please. An advice, copy and forget about it, get back in 2 months to check it :-) Last but not least, my positions stick to a fixed size in accordance with my capital. ... Show More
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