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$BTC is at beastmod. Hope the Alts will follow soon☝️ ... Show More
Pavel Symersky
Pavel Symersky @symersky
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$BTC tears of happiness in my eyes.. :) ... Show More
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The KingCoin $BTC tests major resistance 6k!! Where next? ... Show More
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$BTC Seems like its fighting hard on 6000 ! Lets see 10000 !!!! ... Show More
Roman Ondreicka
Roman Ondreicka @DonFan
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Hi etorians I am investor which invest all of my savings and i invest every month from my bussines so i buy stocks every month so you dont must wait for open new position long time if you deposit more money to copy . From this year start seriosly invest not speculation!!! Max risk wil be 4 in future 3 i will own 150 stocks and then increase position in these stocks also income from these stocks (dividends) because more units create more cash and i wil all dividends reinvested. and wil be fully invested not just 20% and let cash sleep 99% invested Now i looking to add some dividend aristocrats from <a href="/markets/spx500" class="e-link">$SPX500</a> i prefer dividends grow strategy and passive income but also have some non dividends stocks for capital growth. my pross against other investors here + I invest every month my money from my bussines + I got here all my money so no risky with leverage with your money + Wel done diversify portfolio us stocks german stocks..... + You can copy me with 500$ or less + Dont need start with 5000$ becasue you can start with 500$ and add 50 every month If you interested by my strategy and investing regulary just put me in your personal watchlist or take action and start copy me now! <a href="/markets/aapl" class="e-link">$AAPL (Apple)</a> <a href="/markets/msft" class="e-link">$MSFT (Microsoft)</a> <a href="/markets/adbe" class="e-link">$ADBE (Adobe Systems Inc)</a> <a href="/markets/ba" class="e-link">$BA (Boeing)</a> <a href="/markets/khc" class="e-link">$KHC (The Kraft Heinz Company)</a> <a href="/markets/bac" class="e-link">$BAC (Bank of America Corp)</a> <a href="/markets/jpm" class="e-link">$JPM (JPMorgan Chase &amp; Co)</a> <a href="/markets/nke" class="e-link">$NKE (NIKE)</a> <a href="/markets/mcd" class="e-link">$MCD (McDonalds)</a> <a href="/markets/ko" class="e-link">$KO (Coca-Cola)</a> <a href="/markets/v" class="e-link">$V (Visa)</a> <a href="/markets/ma" class="e-link">$MA (Mastercard)</a> <a href="/markets/cost" class="e-link">$COST (Costco Wholesale Corp)</a> <a href="/markets/nvda" class="e-link">$NVDA (NVIDIA Corporation)</a> <a href="/markets/hd" class="e-link">$HD (Home Depot Inc)</a> <a href="/markets/amzn" class="e-link">$AMZN (Amazon)</a> <a href="/markets/goog" class="e-link">$GOOG (Alphabet)</a> <a href="/markets/fb" class="e-link">$FB (Facebook)</a> <a href="/markets/fdx" class="e-link">$FDX (FedEx Corporation)</a> <a href="/markets/baba" class="e-link">$BABA (Alibaba)</a> <a href="/markets/usb" class="e-link">$USB (US Bancorp)</a> <a href="/markets/mco" class="e-link">$MCO (Moodys Corp.)</a> <a href="/markets/luv" class="e-link">$LUV (Southwest Airlines Co)</a> <a href="/markets/dal" class="e-link">$DAL (Delta Air Lines Inc (DE))</a> <a href="/markets/iep" class="e-link">$IEP (Icahn Entrpres Depositary Units Repr Units of LP Interests)</a> <a href="/markets/" class="e-link">$HEN3.DE (Henkel AG &amp; Co. KGaA)</a> <a href="/markets/" class="e-link">$RNO.PA (Renault )</a> <a href="/markets/" class="e-link">$BMW.DE (Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft)</a> <a href="/markets/" class="e-link">$VOW3.DE (Volkswagen AG)</a> <a href="/markets/" class="e-link">$BMW.DE</a> <a href="/markets/ulvr.l" class="e-link">$ULVR.L (Unilever)</a> <a href="/markets/xi" class="e-link">$XI (Xiaomi Corp)</a> <a href="/markets/ual" class="e-link">$UAL (United Continental Holdings Inc)</a> <a href="/markets/pep" class="e-link">$PEP (PepsiCo)</a> <a href="/markets/wdc" class="e-link">$WDC (Western Digital Corporation)</a> <a href="/markets/nflx" class="e-link">$NFLX (Netflix, Inc.)</a> <a href="/markets/chtr" class="e-link">$CHTR (Charter Communications Inc)</a> <a href="/markets/wfc" class="e-link">$WFC (Wells Fargo &amp; Co)</a> <a href="/markets/nsdq100" class="e-link">$NSDQ100</a> <a href="/markets/pm" class="e-link">$PM (Philip Morris International Inc)</a> <a href="/markets/atvi" class="e-link">$ATVI (Activision Blizzard, Inc.)</a> <a href="/markets/sne" class="e-link">$SNE (Sony)</a> <a href="/markets/aal" class="e-link">$AAL (American Airlines Group Inc)</a> <a href="/markets/bkng" class="e-link">$BKNG (Booking Holdings Inc)</a> <a href="/markets/unh" class="e-link">$UNH (UnitedHealth)</a> <a href="/markets/pnc" class="e-link">$PNC (PNC Financial Services Group Inc)</a> <a href="/markets/tsla" class="e-link">$TSLA (Tesla Motors, Inc.)</a> <a href="/markets/hpq" class="e-link">$HPQ (Hewlett Packard)</a> <a href="/markets/ge" class="e-link">$GE (General Electric Co)</a> <a href="/markets/orcl" class="e-link">$ORCL (Oracle Corporation)</a> <a href="/markets/intc" class="e-link">$INTC (Intel)</a> <a href="/markets/t" class="e-link">$T (AT&amp;T Inc)</a> <a href="/markets/abbv" class="e-link">$ABBV (AbbVie Inc)</a> <a href="/markets/low" class="e-link">$LOW (Lowes Companies Inc)</a> ... Show More