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$BABA (Alibaba) if u ain’t then buy this stock again!! Sold my alibaba stocks at 204 and waited for the dip . And here we go! The lowest estimated amount is 210$ guys ! Good chance for a 2 oder 5 leverage ! I put on 10x leverage for the short term. Take 2 or 5 for long or mid term! Alibaba is so underrated. Very good company ,very strong management and a lot of good ideas! My tip for week 10 is alibaba! Have a Great day ! <a href="/markets/btc" class="e-link">$BTC</a> <a href="/markets/aapl" class="e-link">$AAPL (Apple)</a> <a href="/markets/amzn" class="e-link">$AMZN (Amazon)</a> <a href="/markets/xrp" class="e-link">$XRP</a> ... Show More
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$XLM keinerlei Bewegung bei den Cryptos?!? Was passiert hier?! ... Show More Translate
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$MU (Micron Technology, Inc.) Long waiting for youuuuuuuu...here u are ... Show More
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$GOOG (Alphabet) what do we thinks going on with these? I’ve taken a massive hit and if it carry’s on like this I’ll be all out soon. That’s the gamble with X5. ... Show More

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