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Kinda fucked 2018 up with Cryptos :| Learned my lesson and now investing longterm in Stocks. Still got them old Cryptos in my portfolio tho. ... Show More
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Jamie Murphy @JDMurphy93
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May might be my new favourite month 64%+ and over 115%+ on the year and not even close to being done yet! $BTC $XRP $LTC $BCH ... Show More
@LochiLuke Bought $BRK.B @213.53
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Habe gerade eine Position in Höhe von 5.82% meines Eigenkapitals mit einem Hebel von X1 eröffnet. ... Show More
Berkshire Hathaway Inc
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$BTC Everyone is talking positive about BTC. Same as 2017. Is Bitcoin even better now? Is Blockchain-Technology more professionell then 2010? We traders are like leaves in the wind. Good news 》 go for it. Bad news 》 leave it alone. Yes, i have a short-position and yes, i am writing these sentences because of my personal thoughts & interests. Just like every one of us. Panem et circences. CU at 6k. ... Show More
Olivier Jean Andre Danvel @OlivierDanvel
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Dear Traders, ***Fully Copy us from $500*** *****The best choice of a new copier is DO NOT copy the open trades when they are in dark green like more than 30 pips profit.***** I would like to say few words about what we are going to acheive together. I am Olivier Danvel, living in France, married, two beautiful daughters. I spend my life jumping on business opportunities and i found myself a living, many years ago, making money with money, the shortest way for investments. I specialized in fx markets because it’s all about liquidity and world power. My trading strategy here on Etoro, is a mixed technical/fundamental analysis based on personal indicators. I use, for example, a customized Standard Deviation combined with strictly fundamental study. I never trade during or in prevision of a major event. I do monitor all markets daily and all economical events which can impact the markets. My trading activity is consistent, with a target to catch 50-100 pips move with one or multiple entries for the best possible configuration and managing the risk accordingly. It’s a 100% manual strategy. No blackbox, just a brain and a lot of trading experience. So welcome on board everybody, i’m glad to make us more happy each month. We will grow and rise together for a better future of our lives. ... Show More
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$ODP (Office Depot Inc) Time to buy !!!!!? Let’s go 🔜☝️ What do you thing folks ? ... Show More