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I invest in stocks, bonds, ETF's, crowdlending and crypto currencies. I mainly use Etoro for copy trading at the moment. I write a blog in Danish about investing and private economy at www.ifire.dk, where... Show More
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Barry Jones
Barry Jones @Barryjones381
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Hi Copiers / Followers - Seeing a few questions on how much to invest in copying my portfolio. It’s a question I can’t and shouldn’t answer without fully appreciating someone’s overall life / financial situation but a few pretty simple rules of thumb: - Limit your crypto exposure to 5%. This portfolio is now around 40 - 45% crypto depending on the time of day so if this was your only vehicle for crypto you could go to around 10 - 12.5% here. - Always look to diversify. So if you see other traders investing in similar assets, you could split the risk as two brains will never think exactly the same. Keep in mind none of us know which direction crypto is going next! - Look into dollar cost averaging, especially if you are relatively new to this. Best advice right now is buy on the dips. So every time you see a big drop, add a little more up to your exposure limit. Hope that helps. Once again, apologies for not being able to reply to messages individually. ... Show More
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$BTC $ETC $ADA $XRP $GOLD $DJ30 $MIOTA $OIL $ETHEREUM Hi copiers and followers Today's first day of June For the last 5 months we have already achieved our profit target Now I am looking at least 100% gains till end of year I am looking to lower risk score as well Happy trading ... Show More
Giovanni Rinaldi
Giovanni Rinaldi @GiovanniRinaldi
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@OlivierDanvel Hi, I received the dividends from your copy. could you explain to me what they are? and when are they given? ... Show More