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$XRP History does often repeat itself. ... Show More
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$XRP damnation and this was me 1 week ago. ... Show More
$XRP IS a slow mover, but to put things in perspective, cuz you hear the wonderful numbers from 2017.... it started at under one cent in Jan17 and peaked at 0.5 around May, then corrected to 0.2 until August, when it started moving in the 0.2 0.32 range, until December when it exploded... if you are expecting it to rally forever you are gonna be dissapointed, this is a long term investment with HUGE profit potential.... but its not gonna happen in 6 weeks.... Probably not in 6 months either... we have a new super strong support at the 1.6 level, so enjoy that... if you want super fast volatility, you should probably sell, cuz i think XRP is gonna drag its feet for a couple of weeks at least...else HODL ... Show More
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$XRP write your top 3 coins and the amount you invested or earned ... Show More
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$ETHEREUM should I buy in now or wait for it to dip/correctfurther? ... Show More

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