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$GOLD etoro.tw/2qadcph ... Show More
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$GOLD Sell position opened again. Back to 1320 ... Show More
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$GOLD could someone please tell me...will it go lower than 1320 today?! 😱😱😱 ... Show More
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$GOLD 随着美元指数的震荡调整,注意90.20的支撑位,如果有效,则看多美元,看空黄金! 目前从技术面分析,黄金多头力量还是很大,静静观察非农数据吧。我预测是先跌后涨。 ... Show More Translate
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$GOLD Die Asiaten werden heute Nacht kaufen. Es lohnt sich daher eine neue Kaufposition zu eröffnen. ... Show More Translate

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