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Strategy... Solidly building via copy trading in a variety of areas mainly crypto and then diversifying portfolio into less risky areas using compounding to grow finances exponentially over time. "The... Show More

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Anthony Canavan
Anthony Canavan @antcanavan
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$XRP guys, I opened a position before the price went up - I should be making money but my position is in a big minus!!! I'm being robbed...!!!!!!! ... Show More
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$XRP we've seen it all before folks, don't panic, a few fellas called this yesterday and days before. It may seem dark but we know where we're going and we know where we're from, we live in babylon yeah, we going to the motherland. i got carried away with that bob marley song, but yeah, stay strong and don't fall for these "tricks" ... Show More
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My lite coin is up 5% but my profit is going down wats wrong there ? ... Show More
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$XRP Great Picture! Made my Day .... :) ... Show More
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$XRP My final rant for today... Anyone that thinks they're getting 'expert advice' on this forum needs immediate psychiatric evaluation. What you're getting is Barry, a 48 year old cab driver from Croydon telling you to buy because its 'moon time'. ... Show More

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