Victor Pedersen
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-4.54% December 2022
12.92% November 2022
2.80% October 2022
-13.68% September 2022
-3.42% August 2022
9.33% July 2022
-12.15% June 2022
0.71% May 2022
-17.65% April 2022
-0.27% March 2022
-3.40% February 2022
-14.68% January 2022

About MiyoshiDenmark

Hello, and welcome to my profile! My approach to investing is a strong focus on technical analysis with a foundation in fundamental analysis. I focus on price action and the psychological factors driving the market buying and selling. I work as a full-time eToro Popular Investor. I have been investing and analysing charts for just over seven years now. My interests and Hobbies • Gaming, Esports, Technology, Football, Biking, Piano. Copy Info • Min copy requirement: $500 • Invest as much as is comfortable for you. • Copy open trades. • Intended for long-term investors. • For ideal results, invest for more than one year. Goals • Find strong and innovative companies in the most promising areas of the economy. • Apply my knowledge to pick winners in the gaming industry. • Attempt to reward copiers with higher than average returns. Q&A •
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Strategy: Growth
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