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$OIL Can’t understand why keep posting graph with no conclusion wheather should buy or sell..what’s the point zzz ... Show More
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$OIL I think it's a good time to buy...we might see 66 again and then down.... what you guys think? ... Show More
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$OIL Here's my 2 cents worth of analysis, on why did it fall hard on Friday, on what's the outcome for the week, or May. 1. RSI was constantly on the high, we needed to kill longs with high leverage in the market, market makers on the move. 2. Trump has always been a market disruptor, but for good reasons. US is one of the parties that could benefit the most from high oil price. And history has shown that whenever Trump disrupts the market, it rockets the next day/week anyway. Doesn't matter his master plan, we ride the tide. 3. I have been a strong believer that commodities are 75% technical, 25% fundamental. Yes Trump's tweet did contributed to the huge fall, but if we zoom out and look at 1D, this is bounded to happen sooner or later, for the MA50 to converge with the MA 200. When that happens, we should see some nice bulls charging. After all, we still have plenty of leeway before hitting 2018 highs. 4. Please guys, do not engage in high leverage trading. Friday must have been a blood bath. Stay strong. It's a marathon, not a sprint. ... Show More
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Acabo de cerrar la operación con una Ganancia del 12.50% ... Show More

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