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$XRP XRP is finally here in Canada in both CAD & USD pairs at Canada's most advanced trading platform! etoro.tw/2qdBw9x ... Show More
CoinField - Buy/Sell Bitcoin & Ethereum in Canada.
Canada's leading exchange to buy Ripple with the lowest transaction fees and highest security.
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$XRP All the shit coin brigade are out again , 10 % rise today and they will all be calling it the coin of the Lamborghini ... Show More
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$ETHEREUM Shit! Last time I logged on people were congratulating on hitting 1000! Wtf happened? Good luck everyone.... ... Show More
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$XRP All investors ! I think I have found a pattern in which XRP is moving. From now it will go up or down. Watch ... Show More
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$XRP i tell you my opinion about this. i bought all the way down until i understood by readying the 4h graph from start of feb until now that its a straight by boots organized line. (with the coinbaserumor it broke out ones). the whales are playing this down until 0.20 where last year the boom started and they already started their game. afyer it will shoot up again for sure. i put half of my stack on selloption. like that i am not loosing any cash while going down and later i buy back lots cheaper. who check the graph will see what i am talking about. this is not FUDd, just my way to deal the best way with the time while moving to 0.20 Good luck everyone ... Show More

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