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Medical Marijuana @CannabisCare
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***Clients can not currently open a new investment in the portfolio. When the portfolio re-opens for investors communications will be made in advance.*** 2 weeks after its launch, the CannabisCare CopyPortfolio, which gives investors exposure to the medical marijuana industry, attracted 1,000 investors on eToro. As was previously communicated, the portfolio closed to new investments once this number was reached. If you are investing in the portfolio and wish to close the investment, you will not be able to reinvest until the portfolio reopens for new investments. For further questions please contact copyportfolios@etoro.com ... Show More
Edward Philip Butler @eddyb123
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Hey traders! A bit later than planned, but here is my assessment of our performance in September, which finished at -2.06%. The month was a bit of a rollercoaster (as can be seen in the attached chart), starting with some quite dramatic losses that we incrementally clawed back despite a dent in the middle of the month and a minor drop at the end following revelations from <a href="/markets/tsla" class="e-link">$TSLA (Tesla Motors, Inc.)</a> and $FB. The Tech stocks had a reasonable month, with no dramatic gains or losses (excluding <a href="/markets/amd" class="e-link">$AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc)</a> and <a href="/markets/tsla" class="e-link">$TSLA</a>). Our CRISPR picks are consistently inconsistent and have again shown their reactivity to sensationalist headlines. <a href="/markets/fslr" class="e-link">$FSLR (First Solar, Inc.)</a> and <a href="/markets/sedg" class="e-link">$SEDG (SolarEdge Technologies)</a> both registered losses, whilst <a href="/markets/gold" class="e-link">$GOLD</a> continued to slip despite the volatility elsewhere. <a href="/markets/crm" class="e-link">$CRM (Salesforce.com Inc)</a> rarely gets a mention, but anyone attuned to the CRM industry will know that they are rightly dominating that sphere. I added three new stocks to the portfolio in September in order to step into the cyber security sector. My career has given me first hand insight into this market, the main players and the direction in which this industry is heading. I am of the belief that the importance of cyber security is still being overlooked by the majority of corporations (and governments). Many are having to take reactive measures in response to security issues, rather than getting on the front foot and being really proactive about avoiding future damage. I have selected <a href="/markets/chkp" class="e-link">$CHKP (Check Point Software Technologies)</a>, <a href="/markets/feye" class="e-link">$FEYE (FireEye)</a> and <a href="/markets/cybr" class="e-link">$CYBR (CyberArk)</a> for our portfolio as I think they have more than established their credentials in the industry and are well placed to swallow up the new business emerging in this sector. Cryptocurrencies currently represent 4.3% of my portfolio, but I am starting to reconsider increasing this stake. I would never suggest that cryptos have settled down, but the last couple of months has seen a reduction in their volatility and consolidation around some key support levels. Usage and adoption continues to spread across the globe and the technology itself is still being continuously improved. <a href="/markets/btc" class="e-link">$BTC</a> and <a href="/markets/ethereum" class="e-link">$ETHEREUM</a> are still the pre-eminent forces in the market, but many others (<a href="/markets/ltc" class="e-link">$LTC</a>, <a href="/markets/xrp" class="e-link">$XRP</a>, <a href="/markets/dash" class="e-link">$DASH</a> etc.) have bolstered their technology and started to fill more specific use cases. For now, 4.3% of my portfolio is still a desirable level of exposure, but I am keeping a close eye on the cryptos at the moment and may take some action in the coming weeks. October has started terribly. I am not going to try and avoid that fact, but we have plenty of time to turn it around and get back in the green. On the topic of green things, my research into the marijuana market continues and you can expect to hear something more definitive on the industry from me within the next week. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Cheers, Ed ... Show More