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-1.49% December 2022
3.99% November 2022
2.60% October 2022
-6.00% September 2022
-1.65% August 2022
7.31% July 2022
-6.67% June 2022
0% May 2022
-4.07% April 2022
0.89% March 2022
-3.46% February 2022
-3.26% January 2022
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Richard Stroud
COPIERS AND FOLLOWERS UPDATE Hi everyone, as another week draws to a close here once again is my take on what has been happening since I last posted to you all. After my last post which took a more optimistic tone, more good news came out yesterday in the shape of October’s U.S consumer price inflation... Show More
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INFO FOR COPIERS Minimum amount to invest - $500. Please copy open trades when starting your copy. I invest for the long term so I recommend holding your copy for a minimum of 1 year. Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my profile! I have been trading on eToro for over 3 years and have been a Popular Investor since March 2020. I invest mainly in stocks and look for companies that are either undervalued or have good growth potential, as well as those that have unique or adaptable business models. As a long term investor I make sure all my positions are researched carefully and although my aim is to hold for as long as possible, I will always follow economic news and markets closely to check any investment is still sound. I aim to keep my risk score as low as possible whilst aiming for growth and will actively manage the portfolio by adding hedges and other non-equity positions should I feel it necessary. Feel free to follow me to read all my regular updates. Best wishes, Richard.
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