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$BTC $XRP $XLM $EOS $ADA $MIOTA $ETHEREUM $LTC $DASH $NEO I wonder if this guy is still HODLING??!!! ... Show More
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$XRP pay day today do you think it’s time to buy more? ... Show More
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I have a question. So currently I have 32% loss, what if I reach 100%? Will eToro automatically close my positions? and if so, how to prevent that? is it by depositing some money in my balance? (without buying any with them). Please only those who know the answer reply. So an example: Balance: 0 USD. XRP position: 1000 USD invested XRP forced stop loss:1000 USD. Then I reach that 1000 USD level. How to make them NOT close my coins/position? I tried to edit the Stop Loss to even higher than the total amount invested, but that is not possible. They say they canceled stop loss, yet it's set to 1000 USD!! ... Show More
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$XRP God, so many of these dumbass posts. So I feel the need to correct. Bookmark and refer to in times of dumbassness: - it wont shoot up to $7 in Jan - it can and WILL go below $1.9 again if not down to $1.6 - stable IS A GOOD THING - it won’t go to the Moon as nothing has ever left lower earth orbit, NASA is a lie, and the Simpson’s proved we live under a dome - Stop buying at peaks (yeah, even me!) - there are OTHER COINS so diversify and chill out - a drop doesn’t mean “shit”, “fake” coin. - Read the FAQs! - stop begging on South Korean - brush your teeth and believe in the Lochness Monster ... Show More

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