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@RobinOwen I appreciate that you have me on your watchlist & and welcome you aboard🤝. Please be sure, in case you will decide to copy me, like other great diversified traders, that you have read my profile carefully and understand it, together with my trading strategy, To have the best copy experience & if you not sure whether or not to copy me with real money, feel free to copy my trades using your virtual account. Either way you will see positive growth year round because I trade using my own money so i am 110% dedicated to making consistent and realistic returns without taking any big risk. I don’t make any hasty decision as my experience as a trader thought me, That the rewards are reserved for those who are patient and in it for the long term. Lastly, Please make sure you selected to “copy open trades”. Besides your funds being fully invested, I highly recommend it because it means that you will have the same set of stocks and same percentage (weighting) in each as me, which means less risk and being able to track the same performance as my portfolio should there be any question, feel free to ask I’m here for you! and here to a great financial trading relationship 🥂 For more info you can check my website <a href="https://etoro.tw/2slBGjI" class="e-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">etoro.tw/2slBGjI</a> ... Show More