4.08% November 2022
1.12% October 2022
-4.68% September 2022
-2.11% August 2022
4.21% July 2022
-11.65% June 2022
-0.79% May 2022
-10.04% April 2022
1.75% March 2022
-5.26% February 2022
-8.72% January 2022

About rubymzaUnited Kingdom

◾️STRATEGY TYPE Long-term Equity Investor ◾️STRATEGY DESCRIPTION My portfolio strategy focusses on global equities promising future (5-10years) growth. My positions are based on fundamental analysis combined with proprietary machine learning algorithms to understand unique market patterns. I keep a diverse portfolio to spread risk while maximizing returns. ◾️PORTFOLIO PERIOD Long term (> 5years) ◾️BIO & EXPERIENCE: I am from Cape Town, South Africa but currently living in the UK. After specialising in machine learning and completing my MBA degree at the University of Oxford, I joined social trading to combine my interests in financial markets and technical analysis. ◾️RISK SCORE: I prioritise a low/medium risk score (3/4). Please be patient. ◾️HOW TO COPY ME: Copy open trades with at least $1000 for +5 years. Less than this may result in some of the trades not executing. Features: (1) eToro Top Investor List: Reach me:
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Strategy: Growth
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