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$XRP Whales are accumulating !! Fib target aligned $1.51 ... Show More
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$CBK.DE (Commerzbank AG) stock rises 5.0% ... Show More
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$XRP thought Western Union news with xrp would of skyrocketed this maybe when asia wakes up ... Show More
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$XRP when do you think the correction will be done ? ... Show More
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Sorry I’ve been afk recently, In Dubai with my family sat overlooking the Palm and thought id update you all on what’s going on. I just closed the $BTC $ETHEREUM $ETC $XRP $BCH $DASH $LTC CryptoFund and reinvested in some super short term indices $UK100 $NSDQ100 $SPX500 $JPN225 . Doubled the amount in around an Hour so more than happy with that, one sell position went totally different so going to hold until that goes back up. Will be reinvesting the majority into some longer positions when I see them at a good price. Im still invested in LOADS of traders here on etoro (All 1K each) and all are red atm due to the corrections so still planning to hold them for the whole of 2018 expecting at least 100% profit overall. In regards to Crypto, I still totally believe in all of them (Except BCASH but its on etoro so I have a bit of it) so will be holding this year with a 5 year strategy of TP of 20% each year. I will occasionally keep doing indicies with high leverage only when I’m 90% sure of the result, hence why ive waited the last few weeks. Hoping for a green February! But always think Long Term :) ... Show More

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