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-0.69% December 2022
0.54% November 2022
3.73% October 2022
-7.24% September 2022
-3.78% August 2022
12.35% July 2022
-15.23% June 2022
-10.41% May 2022
-12.18% April 2022
2.62% March 2022
2.67% February 2022
-13.47% January 2022

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My etoro stats: Welcome! I've now been trading for over 12 years. My aim as a trader is to make consistent conservative profit using low leverage to maintain a Low to Medium risk score - Please check out my stats! With continued use of good money management, a sound trading strategy and mindset similar annual returns should achieved. I trade a very diverse market including Crypto, forex, commodities and stocks (mainly tech) I recommend a minimum copy amount of $500 to ensure that your account will copy all of my trades to maximize your profit. (Ideal amount between $1000-2000+) I recommend copying for at least 2 yrs to see best results. The longer you copy the better. Profit compounds over time creating exponential growth. Expect ups and downs along the way. Keep calm, relax, remain patient and enjoy the ride! So, are you READY? Let's do this!
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