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Stephen cornelis Wagenaar

Crash in november/december almost kicked me out, 90% lost. Dumped all crypto positions in deep red, make back the funds in 3 days. Swing trading - high risk. Indices / forex / commodities.

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$XRP $XLM $BTC quelqu'un peut il me dire pourquoi toutes les pièces tombent comme le bitcoin mais aucune ne remontent comme lui .... ... Show More
Calum steven Beck
Calum steven Beck @Lordfoofoo
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Just going to share my thoughts on $MU (Micron Technology, Inc.), a stock I have followed for quite some time now. So, $MU is currently trading at quite a bit less than 5 x earnings. Which is of course, incredibly cheap. So, why is it so cheap? Is it a risky stock? Well, there are 3 reasons I think that are behind this low value: 1) Cyclical Industry: There are fears that memory prices will fall sharply, in a period of oversupply, where too many chips are made, and there is not enough demand. This causes prices to fall until there is very little, or even no profit left for the suppliers like micron. So why do I think this is not an issue? Well, because supply is not growing at a faster rate than demand. The companies which supply to micron and the other NAND/DRAM producers, have found that companies are increasing their supply in line with demand, everyone is behaving rationally. Additionally, DrameXchange, the leading forecaster of DRAM prices says that prices will remain around current levels until 2020. 2) Chinese competition: Many fear that chinese companies, who are receiving government backing, will take some market share from Micron. However, experts say that although Chinese companies may take some NAND market share. They will struggle with DRAM, where they are developing chips many generations behind Micron. Micron have a great advantage, and it is incredibly difficult to build chips currently, there is a huge barrier to entry. Experts and researchers have found that Chinese companies will not be able to challenge Micron for the foreseeable future. 3) Trade War: Worries that China, which is a large market for Micron, will place tariffs on chip imports. I do not think this will happen, or if it does, it will be temporary or negligible. This is because Micron chips are used in products which are then exported. Higher prices for Micron chips, will make chinese products more expensive and less competitive. Which is not in china's interest, and so although politics might be played, China wants Microns products. So, am I alone in thinking that Micron is a good buy? Nope, analysts are currently predicting that EPS for the next 3 years will be $11.74, $11.64, and $10.14. So around 20% returns each year, compared to the price. Micron's industry is set to grow at around 15% or more, as memory is required for cloud systems and companies shifting from legacy data warehouses. Micron is also growing in terms of market share. Additionally, Micron is set to buy back $10 bn of its own stock, which a) will push up those EPS numbers even higher! b) shows that Micron truly thinks it is seriously undervalued at current levels. I'm sure they know better than anyone! So I think it's quite clear that at current levels, Micron is a great buy! Thanks for reading, and happy investing! ~Lordfoofoo ... Show More
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$MU (Micron Technology, Inc.) Based on past bull-run and dip analysis we are on the road to USD 72 --- followed by a dip. This is just trend theory, lets keep an eye and see how it plays out. Goodluck ! ... Show More
Milenko Simic
Milenko Simic @SwissCashCow
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Love what you do and SUCCESS will find you! NSDQ100 DJ30 GER30 BTC GOLD OIL SILVER PLATINUM NATGAS GBPUSD SPX500 EURUSD USDOLLAR AMZN BABA PYPL GOOG FB NFLX INTC MSFT NVDA CAT AMD MU SCMN.ZU EA [@swisscashcow, this post was moderated by @etoro_moderation] ... Show More
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$SPX500 I believe that if S&P can't break the 2800 level and hold after the earnings season, then we're in for big trouble. $DJ30 $NSDQ100 $GER30 $UK100 ... Show More

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