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Steven Cameron Middleton

United Kingdom

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Davaakhuu Erdenee
Davaakhuu Erdenee @ErdeneeDavaakhu
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$XRP 50% is nothing for ripple i want 500% ... Show More
Steven Cameron  Middleton
Steven Cameron Middleton @Stevenmidd
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$XRP Quite sad, in the pub (boozer, drinking place) politics obviously came up but religion did not, thankfully. I decided to throw in Crypto (6 people in the arena, group) Only one of an average age of 40 decided he knew what it was and according to him it was a scam. Can you imagine when He/Jo public understand the use, savings, speed and traceability of money, being able to look after their loved ones in an instant. That is only one use case. HOLD. ... Show More
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$XRP so langsam glaube ich, dass es ein großer Fehler war in Ripple zu investieren... ... Show More
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$XRP Still all vastly overvalued imo. Market will attend to that in time. ... Show More
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$XRP So many negative posts. Hasn’t anyone thought that this might be exactly what big investors want? To drive confidence into the ground ahead of a solid run. It’s my opinion that delays have also contributed. Remember your reasons for investing. Mine haven’t changed. ... Show More

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