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$XRP didn't the CEO of SBI predict we would get to $10 in the blink of an eye by the EOY!! More Lies!! People don't expect anything because nobody really knows how or where this will go.. let's just hope for the best and believe in what you've invested in! ... Show More
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$XRP Japan is going to save us etoro.tw/2TbXzuc ah fook wrong whales. ... Show More
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$XRP Here's a novel thought.... how about for the start of a new month until the end all genuine HODLers observe a Lambo,Moon, 589, rocket free month of posting. Also let's not get hung up on the next special date or event. This i feel will benifit us in 2 ways. 1. It will expose the FUDroaches who constantly write those words trying to provoke a reaction. 2. The whales will have a much harder job trying to judge wether people will jump on a bull trap. With look the whales might just get caught out. We all do our own research, we know what will be coming. We don't have to broadcast our anticipation to make life easy for the manipulators. Galgitrons autonomy of a whale gives a clear picture of how these people think. I think it may drop a bit more due to BTC and the desire to shake worried weak hands from the money tree. Happy HODLing ... Show More
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$XRP Hodl they said, don’t think this is the way forward. Just over a year since I brought my first position. Got to learn to buy sell at the right time. ... Show More
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Ripple Riddlers latest video: etoro.tw/2P1yhkb $XRP ... Show More

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