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$GOLD I Need Help PLEASE. I opened gold at 1293.25 and right now the sell price is 1297. However why am i still on red? Thanks in Advance. ... Show More
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$GOLD $TSLA (Tesla Motors, Inc.) @eToroTeam @eToro_Service Just closed a Tesla position with a 50%loss. Didn't want it actually, just wanted to edit the trade, but somehow froze the screen or moved or something and instead of "update", pressed "close". Some days ago happened the same with a gold position and lost 700$. Total around 1000$. I blame only myself and my phone, but since I know I am not the only one, who had this, maybe would nice to make it a 2-step procedure and add a "do you REALLY want to close the trade" confirmation, when clicking "close trade". Thanks. <a href="/people/etoroteam" class="e-link">@eToroTeam</a> [<a href="/people/madverick" class="e-link">@madverick</a>, this post was moderated by <a href="/people/etoro_moderation" class="e-link">@etoro_moderation</a> team] ... Show More
Ecaterina Bors @CatyFX
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51 pips collected for a good morning today :) I guess I deserve a nice coffee now****** ... Show More