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0.94% December 2022
-5.53% November 2022
0.48% October 2022
6.64% September 2022
0.12% August 2022
-0.82% July 2022
-8.53% June 2022
-10.07% May 2022
-12.88% April 2022
6.07% March 2022
2.92% February 2022
-13.80% January 2022
Vincenzo Stefanini
The Bitcoin price is gaining bullish momentum: will it last? Read the full article at Bitcoin Technical Analysis - Daily Timeframe The Bitcoin price broke above the 21-day MA (blue moving average) two days ago. This... Show More
Vincenzo Stefanini
November 2022 eToro Portfolio Update Dear copiers and followers, click the link below to watch the video about my monthly portfolio update. Video in English Audio Video in Italian Audio Read the full article here: Video... Show More
Vincenzo Stefanini
BlockFi files for Bankruptcy: What's next for the Bitcoin price? BlockFi files for Bankruptcy Yesterday the crypto lender BlockFi filed for bankruptcy. It's the latest crypto company to fail, after the collapse of the FTX crypto exchange. FTX bailed out BlockFi in the summer. Bitcoin Technical... Show More
Vincenzo Stefanini
Is Bitcoin still a good investment? How has Bitcoin performed in the past? Bitcoin can be purchased on several exchanges, allowing investors and traders to buy and sell it for a profit. The price of bitcoin is very volatile and it’s a risky investment, however, it can provide asymmetric returns, where... Show More
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Vincenzo Stefanini
BREAKING NEWS: Crypto Lender BlockFi Files For Bankruptcy The filing indicates that the firm could have up to $10 billion in liabilities, as contagion from FTX spreads. BlockFi has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to a press release. The lending platform is the latest victim of contagion... Show More

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💹 My investment strategy is for long-term growth (capital increase & protection). 💹 My portfolio is structured to take advantage and grow and protect the capital also during a financial crisis and a global recession (so it’s perfect for the current situation). 📊 Asset allocation: ~50% on cryptos, ~10% on ETFs (stocks and commodities) and ~40% cash on balance. 📊 I am aiming to keep the risk score below 6. 📅 Portfolio active since October 2017 (5 years+) ⏳ Most of my positions are open for a long time (months), but some positions are opened and closed in a few days, so always copy open trades. 👨🏻‍💻 I manage and monitor the portfolio manually, every day. 📩 I send recurring reports to all my copiers and I share them also on my website. ✅ Copy open positions and keep the copy for the long term (at least 1 year). 💰 Recommended copy amount: $2000 or more, but you can put any amount.
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