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Lu Tong Ng

I try my best I love Donald J Trump God bless America
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$NSDQ100 What time is Trump's speech at the G20? ... Show More
Alain  Kuetche Soh
Alain Kuetche Soh @xavier86
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Hello partenaires copieurs et suiveurs. Je viens d'ajouter des fonds à hauteur de 21% sur mon compte ( comme annoncé samedi dernier dans mon post suivant >>> " Cet 'argent est destiné à être investit sur 2 copyportfolios à fort potentiel. Il s'agit de @OutSmartNSDQ et @CarlIcahn-CF . Le premier a un bon potentiel de croissance explosif Et le second a en plus du potentiel de croissance, une bonne capacité de résistance en cas de correction ou baisse sur le marché. Investir dédant via la copie est une bonne chose, surtout si vous n&#x27;avez pas suffisamment de vous-y engager seul. (Vu qu’&#x27;un seul de ces CopyPortfolios coute 5000$ minimum). Or en passant par la copie, vous n&#x27;avez pas besoin de débourser autant pour en profiter). Je vous laisse donc le temps aujourd&#x27;hui d&#x27;ajouter vos fonds, de commencer la copie, ou simplement de prendre le train en marche en copiant les positons ouvertes. Je pense que c&#x27;est un bon moment car, le marché est entrain de reprendre timidement. Tous ceux qui on l&#x27;œil d&#x27;un investisseur savent que c&#x27;est un bon moment car, la marché a connu un important retrait. Ce qui veut dire, des actions au meilleur prix. Donc, j&#x27;investie dans les 2 gros actifs demain. Le temps pour vous d&#x27;ajouter vos fonds. Amicalement, Xavier <a href="/markets/spx500" class="e-link">$SPX500</a> <a href="/markets/nsdq100" class="e-link">$NSDQ100</a> <a href="/markets/dj30" class="e-link">$DJ30</a> <a href="/markets/jpn225" class="e-link">$JPN225</a> <a href="/markets/china50" class="e-link">$China50</a> <a href="/markets/hkg50" class="e-link">$HKG50</a> <a href="/markets/gold" class="e-link">$GOLD</a> <a href="/markets/fra40" class="e-link">$FRA40</a> <a href="/markets/esp35" class="e-link">$ESP35</a> <a href="/markets/ger30" class="e-link">$GER30</a> <a href="/markets/btc" class="e-link">$BTC</a> <a href="/markets/oil" class="e-link">$OIL</a> <a href="/markets/amzn" class="e-link">$AMZN (Amazon)</a> <a href="/markets/msft" class="e-link">$MSFT (Microsoft)</a> <a href="/markets/fb" class="e-link">$FB (Facebook)</a> <a href="/markets/baba" class="e-link">$BABA (Alibaba)</a> <a href="/markets/aapl" class="e-link">$AAPL (Apple)</a> <a href="/people/xavier86" class="e-link">@xavier86</a> <a href="/markets/uk100" class="e-link">$UK100</a> <a href="/markets/ethereum" class="e-link">$ETHEREUM</a> <a href="/markets/eurusd" class="e-link">$EURUSD</a> <a href="/markets/audusd" class="e-link">$AUDUSD</a> <a href="/markets/usdjpy" class="e-link">$USDJPY</a> <a href="/markets/ma" class="e-link">$MA (Mastercard)</a> <a href="/markets/v" class="e-link">$V (Visa)</a> <a href="/markets/vxx" class="e-link">$VXX</a> <a href="/markets/amzn" class="e-link">$AMZN</a> <a href="/markets/nflx" class="e-link">$NFLX (Netflix, Inc.)</a> <a href="/markets/msft" class="e-link">$MSFT</a> <a href="/markets/fb" class="e-link">$FB</a> <a href="/markets/baba" class="e-link">$BABA</a> <a href="/markets/gold" class="e-link">$GOLD</a> <a href="/markets/usdollar" class="e-link">$USDOLLAR</a> <a href="/markets/aus200" class="e-link">$AUS200</a> ... Show More
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$NSDQ100 I would wait, till there is a significant movement to the upside of downside. For me, $6700-$6750 is the max it could go today and probably, because of the news of Trump which went out Yesterday, I think $AAPL (Apple) will go down more towards $168 which will bring the rest of market probably down with it. It depends on the rest of the news this week, to know if we will see a recovery or even a fall towards $6250 of the market. But, this is just a ‘post’, so do your own research. ... Show More
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$NSDQ100 $GOLD Any bad news form the Ukrainian conference today on the Russia conflict will affect the market today. So watch out ... Show More
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@Wesl3y Hi all! First of all I want to clarify that it is not my intention to be disrespectful with this comment, but just to share my opinion. I am surprised to see that you are still a PI despite your performance in 2018. I think you provide your copiers with a lot of interesting info and comments, but the truth is that your final goal should not be delivering news but making money, and you are not achieving it. Most of your portfolio is based on US stocks and that is why I cannot understand why your performance has been so poor. We all know that 2018 is not being a good year, but even though all mayor indices are slightly up. <a href="/markets/nsdq100" class="e-link">$NSDQ100</a> is around 8% up, <a href="/markets/spx500" class="e-link">$SPX500</a> is around 1% up and same thing for $DJ30. Your profile shows that in this same period you are more than 15% down, which is a very significant difference, especially for someone who is supposed to have good knowledge and experience in investing. In the case of <a href="/people/jaynemesis" class="e-link">@jaynemesis</a> my opinion is quite similar, but it is true that he invested a lot more in crypto, which might explain part of his bad performance. At the end my question to both of you is: Could you give me a good reason why I should keep my confidence in you? The numbers show that there are better investors now, but when I started I chose you two (that is why I am mentioning both of you specifically) and I was in for the long term, but I feel that I now need a good reason to still have hope to keep copying you in the coming months/years. Thanks in advance for your response and sorry for the negative comment (as I said it is not my intention to be disrespectful) PS: if anyone thinks that I am doing way worse than them, it is true. But at the end I am a beginner and have little money, so I just wanted to invest some money in several crypto and chose etoro. And taking into account the huge fees etoro used to have and the minimum investment of 200$ I could do nothing to avoid the drops, as I would not have been able to re-buy at lower prices if I had sold in red. ... Show More