Pablo Fadón Carretero
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-1.66% October 2022
-4.79% September 2022
-2.25% August 2022
2.17% July 2022
-7.20% June 2022
5.08% May 2022
-7.67% April 2022
2.36% March 2022
2.33% February 2022
-7.69% January 2022
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Pablo Fadón Carretero
Welcome to my profile page! BIO: My name is Pablo and I live in Madrid, Spain. I studied software engineering and an "Financial markets" master´s degree. I have been investing and studying financial markets for more than 8 years. I love markets and I have read many books related with investments... Show More

About Warrior12Spain

I am a Software Engineer, I have been investing and studying in financial markets for more than 8 years. My strategy is focus in several trading systems. My main system is a medium-long term trading system, based on momentum, in US stocks, rebalanced once a month, with a diversified portfolio. The other systems invest in ETFs, one focus on sectors, and other in long term period invest in foreign stocks or bonds. The combination of this medium-long term investments imply solid and steady results in the long run with low drawdown. -------------------- My investor profile is: -Long-term, so you should be patient -Low-risk, based on a strict money managment. --------------------- Copy Tips: Copy all open trades and at least for 6 months. Copy amount > $500. --------------------- Feel free to ask me whatever you like, good invest!
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