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0.35% November 2022
3.43% October 2022
-0.23% September 2022
-0.48% August 2022
1.89% July 2022
-3.52% June 2022
0.44% May 2022
1.03% April 2022
0.84% March 2022
0.21% February 2022
2.04% January 2022
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Sultan Mahmood
Dear Copiers and Followers I am a UK based trader that has been investing in eToro for a number of years. I invest in $UK100 , $NSDQ100 $GER40 $GBPUSD and some stocks such as $BARC.L (Barclays) and $IAG.L (International Consolidated Airlines) . I have consistently delivered positive monthly profits... Show More
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Sultan Mahmood
Dear copiers and followers I had a short break away at the start of a January and now back looking for trading opportunities. We had a really good month in October with over 3% gain and have seen some recovery in markets over the last couple of weeks. $UK100 $NSDQ100 $GER40 $IAG.L (International Consolidated... Show More
Sultan Mahmood
My portfolio is up 1.26% in the past week! check it out
Sultan Mahmood
Dear copiers and followers, The markets continue to be choppy and UK Politics seems to be going in strange directions. We have a new chancellor which is the 4th in 4 months, something you don’t see often in leading economies. No doubt this will continue to create turbulence until markets regain confidence... Show More
Sultan Mahmood
Dear followers and copiers The roller coaster continues with shares sharply down over the last few weeks. This is a time to be cautious and we have continued to keep our trades tight with a positive gain of over 1.5% this month whilst the markets have gone in reverse and many traders are in deep drawdown. In... Show More
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Sultan Mahmood
I closed this trade at a gain of 10.62% on 26/09/2022
Sultan Mahmood
@Smahmood006 closed a $GER40 buy position
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- Month on month consistent monthly positive returns. Only 2 moths with drawdown since March 2020 - 2Y return 91% - Low risk score - CISI International Certificate Wealth and Investment Management I am an Engineer by background and have worked at Board level with financial services and companies . I advise many of the worlds leading brands on strategy, transformation and digitisation. I focus on low risk trades of markets p and certain equities where I have gained experience and knowledge over the last few years. 2021 returns achieved 47%. 2020 returns achieved 25%. Depending on market circumstances I will vary my trades from 1 trade per week to 2-4 trades a day, aiming to achieve a return every month of around 2%. I regularly close positions to realise profit and reduce ongoing risk from major fluctuations. If you wish to copy me then I advise a minimum investment of $500 and a period of 6+ months. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a comment.
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