Stefano Bertani
🏆 I am a long-term investor with a limited risk profile and a performance of 21% since June 2020. 🌍 My strategy foresees a balanced diversification on ETFs linked to the main world economies and sectors, in order to reduce risk and take advantage of all global opportunities. 💰 My investment system is a sort of accumulation plan that involves adding funds to the ETFs in my portfolio at regular intervals in order to take advantage of market fluctuations. These are the main points of my strategy: ✅ Diversification of ETFs linked to the various world ✅ Buy when the market goes down ✅ Always keep at least 20% of available funds (either on this platform or on your bank account) 💵 Recommended minimum copy: any amount you are comfortable with ⏳Terms: 1 year minimum $WDP.BR (Warehouses De Pauw NV) $AMBUB.CO (Ambu A/S) $CHR.CO (Chr. Hansen Holding A/S) $COLO-B.CO (Coloplast B A/S) $DANSKE.CO (Danske Bank A/S)