Hsin-I Chi
[Sustainable Packaging Investment Opportunities] We know how devastating plastic materials can be for the planet, but we continue to use plastic for its nearly irreplaceable position in packaging. Plastic packaging significantly extends the shelf-life of food, and the low weight of plastic packaging achieves energy and fuel savings. Recycling is not the solution. The documented recycling rate of plastics is only around 14%, and only 5% of plastic packaging is reusable after accounting for value losses during processing. If we continue the current trend, two things will likely happen by 2050. Single-use plastic wastes could contribute 5-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. 85% of the marine litter is plastic, and the weight of plastic will exceed that of fish. Sustainable packaging might help. Companies look at sustainable packaging as the way forward, and so should the investors. The global bioplastics and biopolymers market cap will grow at a CAGR of 22.7%, from USD 10.7 billion in 2021 to USD 29.7 billion by 2026. The bioplastics industry could grow at a CAGR of 12.35% until 2030 in the Asia Pacific. Investors can identify opportunities within companies that produce compostable or biodegradable bioplastics and biopolymers made from renewable resources. The addressable market is immense, and the drivers behind this change, regulation, and consumer behavior are persistent. $SEE (Sealed Air Corp) $BERY (Berry Plastics Group Inc) $SMDS.L (DS Smith PLC) $PKG (Packaging Corp of America) $AVY (Avery Dennison Corp) [永續包裝投資機會] 我們知道塑膠材料對環境的傷害,但我們還是基於塑膠幾乎難以取代的特性持續使用它。塑膠包裝大幅延長食品保鮮期,而輕重量也節省了很多能源及燃料。 回收不是解決方案。 有紀錄的塑膠回收比例僅14%,而算上加工處理時的廢料後僅有5%的塑膠包裝是被再度利用的。 如果我們持續目前的塑膠使用趨勢,在2050年前將發生兩件事情。一次性塑膠垃圾將會貢獻高達5-10%的溫室氣體,85%的海洋垃圾都是塑膠,且塑膠垃圾的重量將超過魚類的重量。 永續包裝可以帶來希望。 許多公司已經將永續包裝納入未來發展趨勢,投資人也該如此。全球可生物分解包裝市值將從2021年的107億美元以年化22.7%的成長率擴大至297億美元,在亞太區的生物分解塑膠產業則可以在2030年前以年化12.35%的速率成長。 投資人可以從製造可生物分解聚合物的公司中找尋投資機會,這個尚未開發的市場廣大,而背後來自政府及消費者行為轉變的推力也相當強烈。