Andrea Ravalli
Here I explain why copying me might be a right choice. 💡 1) The portfolio was not created to attract copiers. This is my savings and therefore I want to do well and make money from it. 💰 2) This portfolio is worth about 50,000 euros (January 2023) so 1% means 500 euros for me. What does this mean? It means that I will be careful about even small percentages. 👛 3) I pay taxes on this portfolio even if I don't think they are fair. I am not a thief. What does this mean? That the management of the portfolio will aim to have the lowest taxes to pay. 🚓 4) Every move is studied to the smallest detail. I gladly listen to the opinions of my copiers to see if I can improve. 🔎 5) I earn euros and invest euros. So if you also earn euros and want to invest euros rest assured that I will always try to get the most out of the euro dollar pound exchange rate. 💶 6) I will release the study a stock or etf every month. Why only once a month? To show you the care I take in my purchases and because I don't want to "give away" my work to others. 🎓 7) I will never deceive you. I will never tell you how much you will earn because I cannot see the future. No earnings are certain not even dividends. 🫡 8)Before 2025 I will not withdraw money from my Etoro account. In 2025 I will evaluate a plan to use part of the earnings each year that you receive as dividends.* 🕰️ *Of course, the plan may be subject to changes of which you will be notified. My top 6 position in portfolio: ⚠️ 8.44% $SWDA.L In order to mitigate the risk ⛓️ 4.29% $TRX Big ecosystem with a staking of 7% on Etoro 📱3.91% $AAPL (Apple) Iphone and Mac are not cheap but there are superlative 🌳3.60% $QCLN The future are green 🚗3.45% $VOW3.DE (Volkswagen AG) Who don't love Audi? ☀️3.44% $TRIG.L (Renewables Infrastructure Group Ltd) I couldnt have solar panel on my house. So I buy REIT for it. (The reasons for the choices of the 6 positions you see above are much more complicated. Extremely simplifying the concept, however, what I wrote is true) My guides for Etoro people 1) Dividends -> (in italian but you could translate easily)
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