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Good Day Weekly Update THOUGHTS: I am needing a new way to show my trades in this report . Trades are looking good and with the new equity I am happy to get the ball rolling. There is +-25% of the equity sitting in orders just waiting for the market to hit the right price. OPEN TRADES / TRADE UPDATES: $EBAY (eBay): (TP: 40.22 ,TP%: +5.02% ,SL: 19.15 ,SL%: -50.12% ) Report: It may bounce on support 37.00 if not we in for a long wait $MSFT (Microsoft): (TP: 80.88 ,TP%: +8.40% ,SL: 75.58 ,SL%: +1.29 % ) Report: This stock looks good. May have finished its first push, if so it will be coming back down and testing the support $EA (Electronic Arts, Inc.): (TP:126.13 ,TP%: +6.65% ,SL: 59.39 ,SL%: -50% ) Report: I am not liking how this chart is starting to look. The market is squeezing from both sides, should see a break-away soon $AAPL (Apple): (TP: 242.62 ,TP%: +50% ,SL:80.96 ,SL%: -50% ) Report: This is looking amazing. This will be testing resistance soon and then breaking through I am sure. $FB (Facebook): (TP: 182.50 ,TP%: +6.62% ,SL: 85.65 ,SL%: -49.99% ) Report: Another good looking position. It may pull back to test support before heading higher. $SSO: (TP: 150.00 ,TP%: +50.13% ,SL: 50.00 ,SL%: -50.13% ) $SSO: (TP: 150.00 ,TP%: +50.13% ,SL: 50.00 ,SL%: -50.13% ) Report: It may be running low on steam but this will keep climbing slow but steady $PYPL (PayPal Holdings): (TP: 73.30 ,TP%: +9.19% ,SL: 33.50 ,SL%: -50.28% ) $PYPL: (TP: 73.30 ,TP%: +9.19% ,SL: 33.50 ,SL%: -50.28% ) Report: No worries here it's just pulling back getting ready for the next climb $NVDA (NVIDIA Corporation): (TP: 218.60 ,TP%: +20.78% ,SL:192.81 ,SL%: +6.52% ) $NVDA: (TP: 218.60 ,TP%: +14.87% ,SL:193.09 ,SL%: +1.46% ) $NVDA: (TP: 218.60 ,TP%: +14.80% ,SL:193.12 ,SL%: +1.14% ) Report: 3 positions all with positive trailing stops. Lets see how high it will climb. $GOOG (Alphabet): (TP: 1024.00 ,TP%: +4.09% ,SL:497.14 ,SL%: -50% ) Report: Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. If it can just push above 1000.00 we could stop worrying about it so much. ... Show More