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Why the hell do I own Bitcoin? I never expected myself to ever take a position, but I have allocated a small part of my portfolio in a long position. The long strategy is due to the 'halvening'. Every four years the number of bitcoins rewarded for each block 'mined' is halved. You are rewarded with bitcoins for processing the transactions and recording them in a digital ledger (the blockchain). This 'halvening' event will cut supply in half. With demand continuing and supply halving I do expect a price increase. Researchers and asset managers are split on this (See www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-01-08/bitcoin-halvening-isn-t-until-may-but-nothing-else-matters-now). Some expect it already to be priced in, which is entirely possible. If so, I still expect demand to increase due to hype around the event, propelling the price. $BTC ... Show More
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