Thomas James Chapman @tomchapman1979
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Dear Copiers, Portfolio Stats Update: 19.57% Profit, 89.07% of trades profitable in the last 12 months, Risk 5 Realised Profit Last 12m = 41.97% Another good day at present for the crypto in the portfolio $NEO up 7% at the time of writing. What is also positive is that it has moved to a buy from many TA methods on the day chart (see image). <a href="/markets/btc" class="e-link">$BTC</a> has also moved from sell on the daily TA to neutral and if it can maintain this it should transfer to a buy soon which would increase the probability of a sustained increase. If this happens we will see the whole crypto market move up too. <a href="/markets/etc" class="e-link">$ETC</a> and <a href="/markets/xlm" class="e-link">$XLM</a> have also made good gains today so far and overall the portfolio is up almost 1.5% today at present. Several of the stock trades have moved into profit with <a href="/markets/vz" class="e-link">$VZ (Verizon)</a> leading the way, I am hoping to reach a TP of 55 for this trade. <a href="/markets/wcg" class="e-link">$WCG (Wellcare Health Plans Inc)</a> and <a href="/markets/amzn" class="e-link">$AMZN (Amazon)</a> are into profit and I am targeting 263 & 1891 respectively. I am widening the trailing stop losses on many stock trades to see if we can reach slightly higher TP% than previously. But I will monitor this carefully depending on the direction of the market. Closed Trades today: None Crypto in Portfolio: XRP ETHEREUM ETC DASH LTC XLM NEO BCH BTC EOS ADA Current Profitable stocks in Portfolio: VZ WCG REGN AMZN DRI LNC MDT Happy Trading Tom ... Show More