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What a month May has been, after the strong drop in the second half of April, the month May was not much better, or actually much worse. The market has been under a lot of stress, mostly mister Trump seems to have had a large impact on the market. This has resulted in a very poor month for almost all my traders, who normally do so well. Only 2 of them managed to end in the green. Mostly the drop of Alvism in the last few days of May left a deep impression. Seeing he is still closing trades in profit however, and there is a good chance this will bounce back, I have decided to give him more room by lowering my copy loss stop. I hope this is the right call. For now I don't want to make any further changes to my portfolio, but if June ends as poorly as May, I might have to change my copying strategy. Of course I do want to thank these traders for their hard work and I hope that June will be a much greener month than May was. @MojcaBohl @Kashubian @alvsim @Jakey69 @tradefx525 @makelifebetter @lojikfool @harshsmith @chocowin @petas11 ... Show More