cataldo De gennaro
$NSDQ100 Portfolio update Hi fellow investors I have decided to update you a bit early today. Given the pre-market action, We will probably witness another tech sell-off today. Investors are selling high-growth stocks and buying more defensive stocks amid the speeding up of the taper and the potential for a 3 interest rate increase in 2022. I believe tech stocks will soon find a bottom and start rebounding to reach all-time highs once again. We have seen lots of market rotation this year and as soon as high-growth stocks become bargains, big institutions step in and buy them. Rinse and repeat... Remember our portfolio is only made up of sector leaders that have a competitive advantage against their peers. Furthermore, these are set to benefit from current and future market trend: robotics, renewable, crypto, life science, virtual reality... $TSLA (Tesla Motors, Inc.) $PLUG (Plug Power Inc) $REGN (Regeneron Pharmaceuticals) $AZTA (Azenta Inc) $FB (Meta Platforms Inc) $RBLX (Roblox Corp.) $COIN (Coinbase Global Inc) Please stay focused on the long term and only watch your account balance with equanimity 🧘. Happy Friday to all