Hsin-I Chi
[Activist Investors Push For Actions] Activist investors are the ones that buy significant stakes in a troubled company to push for strategic change and profit from the value released by doing the right thing. Some shareholders welcome the involvement of activist investors to save the day, while others see them as troublemakers. The news reported that activist investor Trian is buying Unilever's share to influence its strategy amid business stagnation. Followed by a failed bid for GSK's consumer health segment, Unilever's shareholders are worried about the company's direction. Trian could push Unilever to spin off its less profitable food segment and focus on household and personal care. $ULVR.L (Unilever) $GSK.L (GlaxoSmithKline) Trian boosted P&G's share by 67% between 2017 and 2021, so Trian is no stranger in the consumer staples business. It is no surprise that Unilever's share price rose 7% immediately after the news broke out. $PG (Procter & Gamble Co) Blackwells Capital, another activist investor, reportedly has eyes on Peloton, whose price retreated a whopping 80% from its previous high. Blackwells Capital is pressuring the company to sell itself to Apple, Disney, or Nike to materialize some premiums. $PTON (Peloton Interactive) $AAPL (Apple) Activist investors add a complicated layer to corporate governance, which has become increasingly important to shareholders nowadays. [維權投資人動作頻頻] 維權投資人指的是一群以收購公司大量股權來推動經營不善公司策略改變,藉由做正確的事情以釋放公司隱含價值進而獲利的投資人,有些股東歡迎維權投資人的介入,但也有一些人覺得他們專門搞事。 新聞指出維權投資人Trian正在如火如荼收購Unilever的股票,以扭轉近期發展遲滯的局面,尤其是在試圖購買GSK失敗的消息後許多股東都對公司未來感到憂心忡忡,Trian可能希望迫使Unilever將較不賺錢的食品部門賣出,專注經營於家庭用品及保養品。 Trian在2017至2021年間將P&G的股價提高了67%,所以Trian對於民生必需消費類並不是新手,也不易外消息一出Unilever的股價就應聲上漲7%。 Blackwells Capital,另一個維權投資人則將眼光放向股價從前高已經下跌至少80%的Peloton,Blackwells Capital試圖施壓Peloton將公司出售給Apple、Disney、或Nike以釋放出一些溢酬。 維權投資人對於公司治理加入了另一個複雜的層面,而公司治理也是近期投資人逐漸關心的重點之一。