Hello eTorians 👋 Here's my weekly brief for you: 🦅 $NSDQ100 is formally entering a correction territory. It's more than 13% down its ATH, and honestly I think there's more of it coming. There's a floor at around $14,000, let's see if it bounces back or breaks. Reason is well known at this point, interest rates hikes expected from March and in multiple times during the year are urging investors to adjust their portfolios by reducing their exposure to riskier assests such as tech stocks and instead focus their attention on value stocks or generally speaking stocks whose share price relys more on current profits rather than future ones. $NKE (NIKE) , $F (Ford Motor Co) , $KMX (CarMax Inc) . In addition to that I am looking at consumer straples companies such as $KO (Coca-Cola) , $NESN.ZU (Nestle SA) , that's where I would like to move some funds. Also, I opened a new position in $GS (Goldman Sachs Group Inc) , and most probably will increase my stake in $MS (Morgan Stanley) . Yes, I know that 2021 has been an exceptionally positive year for big banks, due to the investment banking segment with stellar M&A fees, however with this year's higher interest rates I expect banks to profit from higher borrowing costs. 🐉 As you know, I have a fair stake in China, because it is the second largest economy in the world and still has lots of room to grow. $China50 has been sideways in last couple of weeks but the things are changing and I expect to see a break soon. China's central bank cut its interest rates for the first time in almost two years, in a concrete attempt to relaunch the economy that has been losing momentum since last year. In addition to the reduction in the borrowing costs and short term interest rates, they also reduced the amount of money banks have to set aside in reserve, in order to borrow more money and encourage spending. Think about it, when major economies are about to raise interest rates to keep inflation under control, China moves in the oppositee direction. It is true that in China inflation has not skyrocketed as in other countries, it has actually cooled compared to last year. $03908.HK (China International Capital Co) $2899.HK (Zijin Mining) Crypto 🚀 Quite tough times for Crypto enthusiasts. $BTC is almost 50% down from its ATH, and broke the level at $40,000. All other cryptos followed with $ETH $ADA, $SOL all loosing more than 40% from ATHs in last weeks. There's lot going on in the DeFi world, even though more and more people enter the world, in different ways, whether its currencies, NFT, games and so on, consensus not always follows. Russia banned crypto mining and related activities, similar move China made last year. Hence, once again the market has to adjust in order to replace the 10% global $BTC mining activities housed in Russia. What is interesting is that Cryptos continue to track moves in tech stocks, suggesting that maybe are not seen by investors as a proper alternative store of value. Instead $GOLD is slowingly moving upward. General Overview 💭 Surge in Covid infections are still the main concern worldwide. It has been released a study that boosters, from $PFE (Pfizer) or $MRNA (Moderna Inc) , don't block Omicorn variant even though they do protect against serious complications.This is why we are hearing the word endemic to explain the potential different nature of the Covid, which is expected to become seasonal, controllable and much more managable. Every comment, thought, consideration is welcomed ! 😊 Have a nice Sunday !✨