Sorin Dumitru
To respond to @jonathanappleby, from the selections I have, I will resume what I can see now on my chart and you can decide if you stay in the trades or not. I am keeping them all, maybe update some values based on how the market is moving: $AUDUSD One of the candles closed below my trigger level, so this is why I took this trade. Because I am trading daily candles, it is expected to have some days pulling back up before the drop that I expect here. I will remain in the trade, even if this also entered into a consolidation phase, showing first a reconfirmation of the buy trend, then the sale. Overall it look(ed) and looks to me still in an overall bearish pattern. RSI hit the upper level, now trending in the middle. Current candle shows upper movement for the moment, I'll leave this be until it hits SL or TP. $EURGBP This has been a long SELL, from the level of 0.86030. It began trending and then 5 candles back it showed a confirmation for a buy on my setup. I will stay in this trade, since I expect it to come back up because of that confirmation I had before and the fact that there are more green candles than red in this consolidation phase. RSI also crossed initially my level, hopefully it will not make a second drop and it will come back up maybe tomorrow if not today. Very weak volume thought at the moment.... $EURNZD Trend was confirmed 6 days ago with a candle closing below my level, triggering the SELL. RSI hit a top level, tried to come back again, now facing down. Very very low volume for the last 8-9 candles. I am keeping it since on this pair for the moment I would not choose anything other on Daily, even if it makes the 3rd retest on RSI.... $GBPCHF I also trust my setup on this. It should close in profit. Most likely this one and some of the other trades I won't close them on Monday since there may be no better setups for them, but more risky if we enter in the middle of the trend and big pullbacks could keep me in the trade for weeks in negative. Weak volume.. $GBPJPY I am pretty confident in this setup, RSI reaching the towards the bottom, good volume, it should be a good trade. I am keeping it until TP hit. $GBPNZD This one has been a very long bullish trend. RSI came into the top area making a double top in November, dropping a bit then continued the bullish trend. It hit the upper top level or RSI again at the beginning of January, it confirmed again the sell setup based on my levels, and it continued in a consolidation phase. 2.0146 level should keep it there, or make a break and then come back. At least this is what I expect, since the bullish trend started in 5 November and it should finish up. $GBPUSD It hit two times the RSI top level, it crossed my trigger level for a sell 2 days ago, I still see bearish trend for today and on the long run, I'd say its a good trade. The only risk is for it to make a third touch on the top RSI before going down. I wanted to close this in partial profit....but... (this is why I will change the strategy next week. the profit from 3 days ago if closed could have been added on a better selling position and win 2 times the potential profit) $NZDCHF This one is in consolidation for a large number of days if you look on daily chart. I had a buy confirmation on my levels, but it is still trending in the same area. I will leave this one, most probably even further than Monday since I want to wait and catch the new trend which should be bullish and ride it. RSIi hit the bottom at end of November, climbed up than had one almost full retest then up and now it is also down on the RSI. I'd say this one should become a long swing if turns into a bullish momentum and I will set my TP at 38.2% fibonacci level and leave it be for the next month or so, monitoring it. BECAUSE, if I am right, then this is the best entry point I could have taken and after the bullish move starts, I will just add more positions on it when the new buy opportunity comes up. (I may be wrong, of course, but I trade based on my personal style and analysis) $NZDJPY This one is loosing its power a bit. RSI going for the lower level. It is a confirmed trade for me based on my analysis. II just see that most probably tomorrow it will shift in a buy since it hit 61.8%. Hopefully I can keep and eye on this and close it in profit in case it switches direction before TP hit
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