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***Altcoin cycle?!*** Just after I talked about my vision towards altcoins, we're experiencing a shift from $BTC to altcoins like $BNB $LTC $ETHEREUM $MIOTA $XRP $DASH $NEO and others. Just looking at the USD valuation won't show you the big picture but this is something that could be significant! What I've shared earlier, we need to see a decline in Bitcoin dominance to set the tone for a potential altcoin cycle. In the picture below you see the sudden drop of about 2.5% to 3% in Bitcoin dominance. Preferably this drop would be about 5% to really change the momentum in the market. For a lot of altcoins today: VALUE > PRICE. This means that some of them are just oversold. Back at the end of 2017, we've seen a sudden drop as well what, back then, meant we're about to experience an altcoin cycle. Bitcoin has outperformed most altcoins during 2019 which is another indicator of a momentum shift. Keep watching the Bitcoin dominance, it may allow for some risk-taking. I expect to see a shift soon. Excited! :) ... Show More