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Hello copiers and followers. After the "black January" the cryptocurrencies are in an upward trend, reaching the total market capacity to 500 billion (a week ago it was 420!) The next days are promising for $XRP, the important company Wester Union has published that it will participate in the beta of Ripple based on the blockchain, it will rise quickly to levels of 1.45 / 1.90. <a href="/markets/btc" class="e-link">$BTC</a> has exceeded the resistance of 10000 and is climbing at a good pace, this is very interesting because if bitcoin goes up the tops go up with the. We also have a lot of confidence in <a href="/markets/xlm" class="e-link">$XLM</a> since it has left the descending channel and is in an uptrend, we will hold its position at least up to 0.9 $. Finally I would like to talk about the rumors of the incorporation of NEO in etoro for tomorrow, I will be careful to add positions and take advantage of the pump. Have a good weekend and enjoy the family! <a href="/markets/ltc" class="e-link">$LTC</a> <a href="/markets/ethereum" class="e-link">$ETHEREUM</a> <a href="/markets/etc" class="e-link">$ETC</a> <a href="/markets/dash" class="e-link">$DASH</a> ... Show More