Alexander Romahn
We're pretty much on track again here, which is kind of refreshing after January's slump. Especially $ADA is running wild now. $TRX seems to be resting for the day though. Meanwhile $COCOA moves like crazy ever since smashing it's ATH. Setting up a short at one point is definitely tempting, considering how such parabolic moves tend to behave once the run out of steam. Only problem here is we'd be literally strapping ourselves to a rocket at full speed hoping it comes down before burning us in the stratosphere... meaning we should definitely execute this with caution if anything. For $NATGAS we do have the storage report coming up as usual today so this might give some impulses in either direction. I personally wait for a bigger capitulation event here but of course if numbers are better than expected we could see it rise on any sign of hope simply due to it being strongly oversold at this point. $PALLADIUM and $PLATINUM continue their fall rather relentlessly as well and might become attractive at one point as well, which is not yet though. So many things to consider in the commodity space but for now I'm just happy with how our cryptos are doing so no need to go on any wild adventures just yet. Cheers and safe trading Alex