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Just wanted to give you guys two more answers to frequently asked questions: Some of you have asked me why only part of their money is invested in trades. This can have one of the following two reasons. 1) At the beginning you deselected the option "copy open trades". Since I only open around 5 to 6 positions a week on average, it can take a while for you to get to a similar percentage of invested to uninvested capital as I do. 2) On principle, I never invest 100% of my capital because I want to be flexible enough to respond to changing circumstances without having to close positions. Others also wanted to know why or how I open positions with less then the minimum trade size. The simple answer is: I don't. Normally I open trades with 1-3 % of my capital, which is more then the minimum trade size. But when you copy me you also open trades with 1-3% of your copying amount, which therefore can be less then the minimum trade size. Depending on the copying amount. ... Show More